Why I prefer to use a camcorder instead of my phone

Today I am going to discuss a topic that is highly debatable. There are millions of people out there who prefer using the phone over a camcorder. On the contrary, there are many others who still use camcorders instead of a phone. Let me tell you why I prefer to use a camcorder instead of my phone.




There is no issue in agreeing to the fact that in the last few years, the demand for camcorders and digital cameras has taken a beating due to the popularity of Smartphones flooding the market. One of the main reasons for this is the advanced camera qualities offered by the various Smartphones like iPhone, and Samsung Galaxy to name a few. But, for people like me, who care more about the quality of the picture than the convenience of carrying it around, a camcorder is still the preferred choice.


I have a Panasonic HC VX870 camcorder. The ability to shoot 4K video makes it stand out from the rest of the competition. The quality of the video is really sharp and crisp compared to the video shoot in an iPhone or any other Smartphone.




The image stabilization feature of the iPhone is good, but it is not as sharp as the one you get with a camcorder. When filming videos, camcorders provide various options compared to a Smartphone. One of the main problems I face with the phone is that we may need to take videos in the vertical position. It is good to see videos shot vertically when you are viewing it on a mobile, but if you wish to share these videos on YouTube, will they look good? I really doubt it. My camcorder records videos horizontally by default and I am able to share my videos online too without any problem.


Another reason I identified is that when the object moves or if you are on a move while shooting, it becomes really difficult to get a clear, good quality video using the phone. But, when I used my camcorder, it was able to record quality videos with ease in spite of being in motion.  




Proper light is an important factor when you are shooting videos using your phone. Even though Smartphones offer flash and various light adjustments, you still be satisfied with the quality of videos when the light is not sufficient. But, with my Panasonic camcorder, I was able to record good quality videos that too with a nice sound quality even in presence of background noise.

Can you imagine a movie being captured using a phone right? Similarly, I strongly believe it is hard to replace a camcorder with a phone, especially for those who are concerned about the quality of the recorded picture.

My review of HSI Professional Ceramic Tourmaline Ionic Flat Iron

I am born with natural curly black hair. Though I do get compliments for my beautiful curly mane which is actually unmanageable. Ever since I have learned a few basics of style and fashion, I wish I must have shiny and straight hair. Straight glossy hair is the perfect hair since it can be styled in any possible way the help of the right hair appliances and product.


Just a few days back I stumbled  on an online shopping site and read about HSI Professional Ceramic Tourmaline Ionic Flat Iron.  The reviews and feedback given by its users showed me a ray of hope and I immediately ordered this flat iron to fulfill my long cherished dream of straight hair. When I tried it I was really pleased with my decision. It is a versatile flat iron that instantly changed my dull and frizzy mane into the straight and shimmering hair that you see only in the magazine pages.



This awesome flat iron is my best friend forever. I want all the girls like me to have a best friend like HSI Professional Ceramic Tourmaline Ionic Flat Iron. So, here is my experience with this amazing product to let you appreciate that looking gorgeous and showing off salon-groomed hair was never this easy.


Ceramic ionic system

This is the most striking feature of this flat iron. You will hardly have a bad hair day since you will always be ready with moisturized and glossy hair. The enhancement of this flat iron is due to its infrared technology that gives deep protection to your hair and a boost to your attitude.

If you’d like to know more about the difference in materials, you can read this article or this guide.


Ceramic tourmaline plates

If you are purchasing a flat iron you cannot ignore this feature at all. It is responsible for the controlled and ideal heating for making you glow with your crowning glory.  The ceramic tourmaline plates are durable and prevent any damage to the hair while adding a stylish look to your hair and of course to you as well. The edges of the plates are suitably rounded to straighten the whole length of your hair or curling the ends.


Temperature control

The temperature settings range from 240 F up to 450 F is a good offer to set the temperature according to the hair you are blessed with and hairstyle you want to try for those special evenings.


Ergonomic design

This is one of the most comfortable flat irons I have come across. It has perfectly handy 360 swivel cord with a comfortable ergonomic design. Straightening your hair will not be a chore but a relaxing activity that you will love to do anytime.


How to take great pictures with a point and shoot camera

In the world of Smartphone, a point-and-shoot camera is still holding its place firmly. It is lovingly called a compact camera and has the advantage of simple working but brilliant output if handled carefully. It has a simple construction with the autofocus system, automatic use of the required exposure settings and the flash units to provide extra light for a perfect image. Here are a few tips to take great pictures with a point and shoot camera.

With a Point and shoot camera, the limited dynamic range will ruin an image when you are capturing a long distance scenery with various depths of objects like a mountain. To handle such shooting challenges you need a p&s camera with a good zoom and shoot the picture towards an opposite direction of the sun. With this you will you will get images with the right exposure.


The point and shoot cameras do have the option to control the focus but it is rather slow. If you are trying to shoot a picture of a moving car, running kid or the flying birds, you may not be satisfied with your output. So keep your skills limited to the still people or fixed objects. However, with a little practice, you will be able to take satisfactory images of certain slow moving objects. You have to make sure that you keep a significant gap between focusing camera and pressing the click button. Another alternative is half pressing the shutter for such needs.


The compact cameras are manufactured to provide ease of photography even by the naive. So, most manual controls are either missing or are very little in capability.  For example choosing the right aperture is a prerequisite to a high-quality picture. But you cannot have this capability in a point and shoot camera. This problem can be overcome by slowing down the shutter speed so that images are as clear as the actual scene.

Chose the lightning flash option in case you are shooting images in dark. Night pictures are the poorest ones with a point and shoot camera. If you are capturing in a place where some source of light is present then you should select the right flash options so that the additional light make the picture a better capture.


Select the resolution that suits the best to a picture of your imagination. Try this out and you will actually see a difference in picture quality. This is also true for the way you hold the camera while shooting. You have to hold in portrait when shooting people and if you are capturing a scenery keep it in landscape position.

I believe radar detectors should be illegal in the US

Radar detectors are used so widely and openly that it has become an imperative topic of deliberation and different people voice different view about making it illegal. In the USA some states strictly prohibit the use of radar detectors in commercial vehicles, but allow its use by private vehicle drivers.




In my opinion, making the strict and punishable law to inhibit the use of radar detectors in the USA is the safest way to save countless lives from death or lifelong handicap.




If you ponder on the use of radar detector, even if it is allowed in a region, is just like permitting the  rash drivers to violate the most common traffic rules. Some websites speak about motorists use radar detectors to sense the presence of traffic radar guns from a safe distance and slow to the allowed speed limit before they are ticketed for over speeding.




I would be a bit rude if I say that it is a direct consent given to the drivers that are habitual of exceeding the speed limit. They are allowed to break those very rules that are meant to protect them from accidents. Such incidents harm not only those who drive rashly but these drivers are a potential threat to those people who follow the traffic and speed rules.


Everyone who owns the radar detector does not have the intention to violate the speed limits. Most of them, whom I know, use this device just to save themselves from the speeding tickets and the subsequent botheration of appearing in the court. They do this with a belief that a little misconduct will not harm anyone and they will save their hard-earned money. Young drivers have this notion and they are the ones who are worst affected by the consequences of such offence.


Man in suit driving a car from vehicle interior

To save these naive people, I believe it is mandatory that laws should be made to tackle traffic rule violation and use to radar detector for any reason and be strictly enforced. The government should also take steps to spread awareness about the penalty and harm of such violations. If a strict law exists with a heavy penalty such as imprisonment, then I am sure most of the rash drivers will refrain from using radar detectors.

However, while they are still legal, I’m sure people won’t stop using them. I also use mine from time to time, as I have received it a as gift from my children. If you’d like to find out more about radar detectors, you should read these links.